From Design to Scout Woggle

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

When I first started making Paracord Scout Woggles and then making scout woggles from lapel pins and brooches, I never imagined myself creating Woggles that I myself had designed from scratch.

As of writing this, I've now designed three of my own scout woggles - the Scottish design being the first, the Welsh design being the second and the most recent being the English design which can be seen in the photos below.

Both the Scottish and Welsh designs were fairly simple to design as I'm fairly good at drawing Horses/Unicorns and Dragons so these were pretty easy to draw purely on the computer however I really struggled to draw a Lion on the computer for the English design. After months of pondering, I eventually decided to ask someone else if they could create a design for me so I decided to create a small pencil sketch of what I wanted. I'm so glad that I decided to create the sketch because as soon as I had sketched out the lion's head, I realised that I could do the entire design myself without any help. Once the entire design was sketched out, I scanned it onto the computer to create a slightly more simplified design, using my sketch as a template. From there it was the same process as with the Scottish and Welsh designs - send the design to a coin manufacturer that I work with, approve the design and then all there's left to do is wait. Usually it takes about 2-4 weeks for the design to be turned into a challenge coin.

To turn the challenge coin into a woggle is probably the simplest part which involves attaching a gold coloured ring to the rear of the coin using an extremely strong adhesive and there you have it, the process of turning an idea and a design into a Scout Woggle.


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