Newly Launched Rainbow and Celtic Scout Woggles

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Due to the massive popularity of both my Rainbow and Viking/Celtic ranges of Scout Woggles, I have now added some more new woggles to both ranges.

To my range of Rainbow Scout Woggles, I've added the Rainbow Unicorn V3 Scout Woggle. This new Rainbow Unicorn is slightly smaller than the other ones that I currently sell but due to the cost price of the lapel pins, it has been set at the same price as the others. In addition to this, I've also launch the Rainbow Scout Woggle which is created from a Rainbow shaped Lapel Pin.

To my range of Viking/Celtic Scout Woggles, I've added the Celtic Knot Scout Woggle. This is as a response to the huge popularity of my Norse Wolf Head Scout Woggle but also in response to a handful of requests from people asking if I sold any Celtic Knot scout woggles.

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