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About Valhalla Scout Woggles

"Valhalla Scout Woggles" was started in 2009 when I began to create and sell paracord scout woggles for the Scouts and Leaders of my Scout Group - 223rd Glasgow Scouts. After about a year, I started selling my woggles online however only had a very small amount of sales - in total I sold approximately 150 paracord woggles between 2009 and 2015, of which only 20 of those woggles were sold online.


In the summer of 2015, I decided to start listing my scout woggles on ebay in small quantities and they proved to be quite popular and by the end of 2015, I had sold approximately 100 woggles through ebay.


The popularity of my woggles has soared since 2015 - Over 600 woggles were sold in 2016 and a similar number again last year. 2016 also saw the launch of a range of metal scout woggles - initially comprising of rainbow unicorn scout woggles and poppy scout woggles. As of 2018, my range of metal woggles has massively expanded to include a couple of different designs of Rainbow Unicorn woggles, several viking/celtic style scout woggles and a number of enamelled coin woggles. 2018 was also another great year with woggle sales once again being over 600.

In addition to all the woggles mentioned above, I've also launched my own designs that I've sketched out and had manufactured - The Scottish, Welsh and English Scouting Scout Woggles.


If you have purchased from me in the past, thank you very much for supporting my Scout Group and helping me get to where I currently am with Valhalla Scout Woggles.


Currently deliveries are primarily to mainland UK, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland, Australia, France and Germany however if you are overseas or have an enquiry for a larger order, please feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do for you. Other countries that my woggles have been dispatched to are Canada, Gibraltar, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand and United States of America.


Please have a look at the Delivery page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Woggle? A woggle is an item that is used to fasten the neckerchief, or scarf, worn as part of the Scout or Girl Guides uniform.


Why purchase from Valhalla Scout Woggles? 100% of the profits go towards my local Scout Group where I am one of the Assistant Scout Leaders - 223rd Glasgow Scouts.

I want to purchase a Woggle but I don't want to create a PayPal account: Don't worry. PayPal allows you to make purchases as a guest without needing to sign-up. Once you get to the point of checking out via PayPal, click the button that says "Pay by Debit or Credit Card" and once you're done filing out your information, select "No Thanks" when asked if you want to create a PayPal account.

What is the finish used on the Paracord Woggles? I finish all my paracord woggles with a few coats of clear matt varnish, both on the outside and the inside. This makes the woggle significantly stronger, semi water resistant as well as securing the ends of the woggles.

Can you make Bespoke Paracord Woggles in colours of my choice? Yes, If you have specific colours that you want, please feel free to contact me with your request and I'll hopefully be able to help you out.

How long does delivery take? UK Orders take up to 2 working days to be dispatched and delivery can take up to 3 working days within the UK via Royal Mail 1st Class. Typically, if you place an order Monday to Thursday before 10pm, your order will be dispatched the next day. If you place an order on Friday or over the weekend then your order will be dispatched on the Tuesday however if there are a lot of orders or you need your order as soon as possible then I sometimes dispatch orders on a Saturday or a Monday.

Where do you deliver to? I can delivery to anywhere in the UK - mainland or islands including the Isle of Man, Channel Island, Hebrides, Northern Isles and Northern Ireland.

I can also deliver internationally to the Republic of Ireland, Australia, France and Germany - delivery options for these can be selected in the checkout.


In addition, I can also deliver internationally to many other countries such as Canada, Gibraltar, European Countries, New Zealand and the United States of America however I would ask you to contact me first before placing an order.

Will you send me marketing emails or newsletters? No, never. The only emails that I send to my customers are automated emails confirming that you've placed an order and another automated email once your order has been dispatched. The only other time that I will send you an email is in response to any messages/enquiries that you send me.

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