Rhinestone Poppy Scout Woggles

Scout Woggles - Rhinestone Poppy Scout Woggle

This Rhinestone Poppy Scout Woggle has been created by attaching a Poppy Brooch to a Stainless Steel Ring of 21mm Diameter. The brooch is attached to the ring by a very strong adhesive.

The scout woggle itself is put together in the United Kingdom by myself, A Scout Leader with the 223rd Glasgow Scouts. 

Height: 42mm
Width: 31mm
Depth: 29mm
Inside Diameter of Ring: 21mm
Weight: 21g

Please Note that you may find that the back of the scout woggle may have some light markings due to the use of a grinder when removing the brooch from the Poppy.

£1.50 of each sale of these Scout Woggles will be donated to the charity PoppyScotland to help support Veterans of the Armed Forces.

Rhinestone Poppy Scout Woggles