Orange Luminescent Turks Head Scout Woggles

This Turks Head Woggle has been hand crafted in the United Kingdom by myself, A Scout Leader with the 223rd Glasgow Scouts. 

The Scout Woggle is made using a continuous length of coloured Electro-luminescent Wire (EL Wire) inside a length of paracord. The woggle and ends are secured with a coat of Varnish, giving added strength and a shine to the woggle.

These Woggles are not waterproof and are not recommended for those under Explorer Scout age (under 14).


These Woggles have 4 modes which are cycled through: Off, On, Slow Flash, Fast Flash.

While powered, the battery pack will make an audible high pitched noise however this is only really noticable in a quiet room.

I would recommend not using this woggle in its fast flashing mode around people with Photosensitive epilepsy. I do not know if this can trigger it however as a precaution, avoid this mode (or cycle past it quickly).

Each EL Wire Woggle comes with 1x Battery Pack.

*Approx Dimensions*
Woggle Height: 26mm
Woggle Outside Diameter: 40mm
Woggle Inside Diameter: 24mm
Battery Pack Width: 33mm
Battery Pack Depth: 25mm (includes clip)
Battery Pack Height: 91mm

Total Weight: 68g (including woggle, battery pack and batteries)


Paracord colours may vary ever so slightly from what is displayed in the images online due to monitor/screen differences. Any differences will not be significant.

Orange Luminescent Turks Head Scout Woggles